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This document covers important information regarding the privacy, use, and disclosure of information contained within the powerTV, LLC. (“powerTV”) network of powerTV affiliates. powerTV acknowledges affiliates, and their users, administrators, and moderators, who use powerTV are concerned about their privacy, yet desire to use the powerTV service. powerTV reserves to modify, change, adjust, add, or remove portions of this Privacy Policy at any time.


Should an affiliate, administrator, owner, moderator, user, visitor, customer, partner, advertiser, other individual, company, or agency post a video, comment, image, or any other content or information within your powerTV affiliate web site which is intended for public use on the powerTV web sites or network, it is considered public information and shall not fall under the term “personally identifiable user information” as defined in this Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy Updates

The Privacy Policy shall be updated from time to time and the latest update will be available on the powerTV forum support area. Your status as an active powerTV affiliate web site reflects your continued agreement to the Privacy Policy and any revisions which has been made.

General Terms

This Privacy Policy is subject to, and a component of, your powerTV “Affiliate” Terms of Use. Your use of powerTV shall be governed by the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Affiliate Terms of Use. Any personally identifiable information we collect via the powerTV affiliates, will be subject to these agreements and terms. Your users, administrators, moderators, customers, and other individuals who may access the system, provided you with their personally identifiable information (for example, name, e-mail address, zip code, etc.) to you. They may have provided this information to you when they originally registered on your web site, or may have otherwise transferred this information to you, or they may have originally registered via your powerTV affiliate web site. In any case, you represent that you are within your legal rights to posses this user information, and that it was obtained in good faith. When users register via your powerTV affiliate web site, you are extended the legal right to their user data and information, however you are required as a powerTV affiliate to comply with the powerTV User Privacy Policy, which is posted and available on the powerTV forum support area. In addition, powerTV is extended the legal right to use their user data and information for use within the powerTV web sites, powerTV network, and for the purposes of extending to the user the full functionality of the powerTV network of web sites. Any and all collection of user data on behalf of powerTV, by powerTV web sites, or via powerTV affiliates, is subject to the User and Affiliate Privacy Policy. powerTV will not sell or transfer user data for marketing or commercial use.

Our servers record general activity of your users, moderators, web site and administrators via a log file, and they may log your users activity on our service, web sites, or network, including your users IP address, browser information, clicks, pages, pages viewed, dates, times, and other items. When your users use a powerTV web site, or powerTV affiliate, we will utilize a cookie or cookies which will identify your computer. The use of cookies is necessary for powerTV’s service to function.

We do not share your, or your users, moderators, or administrators, personally identifiable information with other companies for commercial or marketing use without your consent. However, we may release personally identifiable information (of you, your users, owners, administrators, or moderators) if required to do so by law, or if we believe that a law is being broken in good faith, as necessary to comply with both federal and state laws. We will disclose personally identifiable information or non-personally identifiable information to third-party companies, or persons, for the purpose of data processing, however these companies are subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use guidelines.

In the event of violations of our Terms of Use, or if we have good reason to believe that there is a violations of the Terms of use, we do reserve the right to disclose private, personally-identifiable information as necessary to ensure that the Terms of Use is being enforced.

If we have good reason to believe, in good faith, that a user, affiliate, moderator, administrator, or other individual within powerTV, the powerTV web sites, or powerTV affiliates, is acting, or has acted, in bad faith, in violation of copyright, or in violation of security of our website or third-party websites, or to ensure the personal safety and security of our users, customers, advertisers, or other individuals or businesses, we reserve the right to disclose personal or non-personally identifiable information.

Importing User Data into powerTV

powerTV software is designed to permit the importing of powerTV affiliate web site user and customer data into the powerTV database. The powerTV Privacy Policy extends to this imported user data. This user data will become part of the powerTV web site and powerTV network database, however it will not be sold, transferred, or used for marketing or commercial purposes, without direct consent. By importing this data into powerTV, you warranty that you own the rights to this data, and that is has been collected lawfully on a voluntary, opt-in, basis. We reserve the right to send non-commercial messages to this database, including service announcements, powerTV technical updates, and other news-based communication.

Advertising & Links

As a part of using the powerTV websites, powerTV network, or via a powerTV affiliate, you, your users, moderators, administrators, and other individuals, may be served advertisements by either powerTV, by you, or by third-party ad servers. powerTV, or powerTV affiliates, may serve these advertisements using third-party ad serving networks, technologies, or software. As part of this ad-serving environment, the third-party ad services, networks, and software may record your users IP address, and/or use other methods, such as JavaScript’s, beacons, or cookies) to track your users advertising and usage behaviors. These third-party ad servers will not be provided with any personally-identifiable information from powerTV. As part of the powerTV Privacy Policy, you are not to disclose personally-identifiable information to any advertising service vendors, ad networks, or other advertising-related businesses or individuals.

Use of powerTV Web Sites, powerTV Network, and powerTV affiliate program

Your use of powerTV, the powerTV network, or the powerTV affiliate program indicates your choice, and that of your users, vendors, administrators, moderators, and other individuals, to comply with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use outlined herein.

Responsibility of a Third-Party powerTV Affiliate

Your use of powerTV by launching a third-party affiliate powerTV web site, makes you solely responsible for your users privacy, and that of their data, which is accessible to your moderators, owners, and administrators. We require you to comply with the powerTV User Privacy Policy during your handing of user information. This Privacy Policy is available in the powerTV affiliate customer support forum. At the same time, we cannot control the actions of your handling of user data. Once a powerTV user actively participates within your third-party affiliate web site, via commenting, registering, uploading video, images, or contributing other content, their personally identifiable user data is accessible by you, your moderators, and your administrators. You are responsible for maintaining your own Privacy Policy which may be above and beyond the standard powerTV User Privacy Policy. The powerTV User Privacy Policy will be the default Privacy Policy, however you may modify it or add to it.

Legal Responsibility: Yours Vs. powerTV

You are legally responsible, to the full extend of the law, to protect the personally-identifiable user information of your users, moderators, and administrators. You shall indemnify, and hold harmless, powerTV, it’s officers, owners, and assigns, for any suits, claims, or damages, as a result of the release or use of personally-identifiable user information from your third-party powerTV affiliate website.

Data Security

Security and integrity of personal and user information is important to powerTV. powerTV uses reasonable, in-good-faith, safeguards to preserve this information safely. That being said, we cannot warranty the security of any information you, your users, administrators, or moderators, enter into the powerTV service, and each party must do so at your own risk. We cannot warranty the security of any information which is transferred to us by you as a third-party powerTV affiliates. Should a security breach occur that we are aware of, we may attempt to notify you via e-mail, or via a posting on the powerTV web site, so that you, your users, administrators, and moderators may take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

Why We Store Personally Identifiable Information; How We Use It

Personally identifiable information is stored and used to help operate the features of the powerTV web sites, network, and affiliates. Cookies, log files, and other tracking devices are used to store you, your users, administrators, and moderators login data, log statistics such as visitors, page views, etc., and for other uses. Without this information, we could not provide the powerTV functionality you expect. We do not use your, or that of your users, administrators, moderators, or other individuals personally identifiable information, such as e-mail address, to send commercial or marketing messages without your concept. We will, however, use e-mail addresses for administrative or news purposes (such as sending newsletters, announcing web sites changes, or for customer service or technical purposes). When registering with powerTV, the powerTV network, or a powerTV affiliate, each individual is agreeing to publicly allow certain non-personally identifiable user data to become public; including user name, city, state, gender, age, and general geographic location. When uploading a video to powerTV, the powerTV network, or powerTV affiliates, each individual must be aware it may be broadcast and redistributed with the account user name, throughout the entire internet, and other sources of media, and media channels, throughout the world, and it may be viewed by the public.

Copyright Violations

In the event of a claimed, or documented, copyright violation, we reserve the right to disclose personally identifiable information to the copyright or trademark owner. As a third-party affiliate, we reserve the right to disclose personally identifiable information of the owners and administrators of powerTV affiliates, as required by law, or if we believe in good faith that copyright violations are taking place with the knowledge of the owners or administrators. Uploading copyrighted content or other infringing content is illegal.

Sale of Company; Merger; Bankruptcy; Closure

We reserve the right to assign or transfer information powerTV has collected as part of powerTV, the powerTV network, or via the powerTV affiliates; as a part of the sale of the company, merger, or acquisition. In the rare event of bankruptcy, or closure of the company; and if the company becomes controlled via the court, or via receivership, we may have limited control of how this information is used, transferred, or treated.

Children Under 13

If you are a child under the age of 13, you should not use powerTV, the powerTV network, or powerTV affiliate web sites. If you have users attempt to register, with your knowledge, who are under the age of 13, you are bound by this Privacy Policy to delete or suspend their accounts. If you are aware of users older than 13, but younger than 18, you require them to review the Privacy Policy and Terms of use with their parents or guardian. powerTV’s Terms of Use do require your users to be older than 13, however we have no way of determining the ages of viewers or users who access powerTV, the powerTV network, or powerTV web site affiliates.

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions or comments on the powerTV privacy policy, please contact us.